Our Center & Doctor

Dr. Lyles and his staff bring over 18  years of expertise caring for all kinds of patients with all kinds of problems. Bottom line is this: patients want someone they can trust to help them get through their problem. That goes for any kind of problem.

At Georgetown Back Pain Relief Center (GBPRC), we have 3 staff in our office. Dr. Lyles is the owner of the center and brings almost two decades of Chiropractic & Wellness knowledge to each visit. Donna, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is Dr. Lyles’ Assistant & the Office Manager. Donna makes sure our center is up and running at full capacity and that each patient has a great experience. Jess is our Massage Therapist & Expert (and is also Donna’s daughter)!

We are ready to help you with whatever problem brings you in, make sure you have a great experience while here and that we quickly get you back at it; whatever your “it” may be.

On your first visit, we start with a 5-10 minute face-to-face where we go over whatever brought you in and let you know if we think we can help – at no charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Does it hurt?”

  • Most people love their adjustments. It is common for there to be some discomfort on your first visit or two, but any feeling of discomfort is followed by your body’s relief. Discomfort is usually the sign of inflammation which means, once the inflammation is gone (typically this happens immediately after the adjustment), you will no longer feel pain when the adjustment is given. If pain happens in between adjustments, you are most likely experiencing an issue with posture as your sit, sleep or stand. We will give you crystal clear instructions and demonstrate exactly the best way, not our opinion but tested, to properly sit, sleep and stand. Those who follow our directions, get better faster and spend less time in our office.

“How much do visits cost?”

  • Our fees do not vary,  insurance plans do. We will do our best to help you understand your policy and make sure you are clear on your out-of-pocket expense prior to treatment. If you do not have insurance, our lowest level of exam is $55, and our lowest level of adjustment is $45. You may need more care, but that can be covered during your consultation. If you would like to schedule an Exam or a Consultation only, just come on in, call our office, or fill out a form on this site and we will contact you.

If you have any additional questions, email the doc directly at drjasonlyles@chiropractorgeorgetownky.com.


Dr. Jason Lyles is a 1999 Graduate of Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended his Undergrad at Shawnee State University and played baseball for the Bears. He has helped a variety of patients ranging from infants, athletes, office workers and now Industrial/Auto workers. A member of ChiroTrust, Jason is dedicated to providing mainstream care for his patients without sales pressures, unnecessary therapies, or excessive costs. You may see him around town at his older son’s basketball games or playing in the dirt with his youngest son.  He and his wife, Kristin, enjoy traveling and working on their businesses.


We look forward to helping you!


Jason Lyles DC ~ Georgetown Back Pain Relief Center

We accept all major insurance

Including, but not limited to Anthem, Humana, United, Aetna, KY Medicaid, Medicare, Well Care, Coventry cares, Anthem Medicaid, KY Work Comp, and KY PIP.