Choosing a Chiropractor can be tough. You want a doctor who is up to date on the latest research and understands his or her place. Mainstream Chiropractors have embraced the fact that patients don’t want to be treated 3 times a week forever.


We are members of Chiro-Trust and very proud of it. As a member of Chiro-Trust we are able to provide our patients with quality information and the latest news and research on how to stay pain free and healthy. For once, a group of Chiropractors have teamed up and are growing strong with the combined effort of many great doctors who are providing patients what they want…. “Short-Term Care for your Neck & Back Pain”

Top 5 reasons to choose GBPRC

Reason # 1 We keep it real.

What does keeping it real mean when it comes to Chiropractic?

Well… You likely have Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches or whatever… The last thing you want to do is go through some 2 day sales process when you are hurting… Right?

Ever have a Chiropractor put you through a rehearsed spiel about why you need your low back x-rayed when you came in for neck pain? Hint…(probably because your insuance will pay for it)

Yes I said it… In my humble opinion, there are too many Doctors/Chiropractors out there still routinely x-raying every single patient to pad the bottom line. This is not keeping it REAL. Do I believe a patient should be x-rayed? Yes, if the history calls for it. For the record, Medical Doctors don’t even start with x-rays on routine low back pain. It’s not the standard of care these days.

Another reason many Chiropractors x-ray you is so that they can back up their “unnecessary” “Long-Term” treatment recommendations. Here is the kicker in this scenario, you don’t even get treated until AFTER you have your “Report of Findings”, which is rehearsed and performed on Day 2 in a sales-like situation. I must confess, I was guilty of this process at one time. I hated it then and I hate it even more now. It puts the patient in a position of being “sold” and is not productive.

Look, regardless of what condition your spine is in, it should begin to feel better very quickly, if Chiropractic is going to be able to help in a reasonable amount of time. I have had old farmers show up with a junk yard for a spine riddled with all kinds of Degenerative arthritis, or “Old Arthur” in their terms, and wouldn’t you know it… The old farmer gets better and out of pain in just a couple of weeks. Most people would think a case like this should take forever to get better, but in REALality, it just doesn’t.

I know one thing, patients come to me because they want to Feel Better, and they want to Feel Better FAST! You get treated on Day 1 in our office, unless your exam and history suggest that I refer you out right away. No Sales pitch in my office. I’ll give you evidence based recommendations straight out of the literature.

Reason # 2 We Never Recommend things you don’t need

I once worked for a Chiropractor who used to have meetings where they would go through each patient’s insurance coverage and what the insurance would pay for. Then, they would make sure that the patient got every gadget, service, or test that the insurance would pay for, regardless if the patient actually “Needed” it. Nothing right about that, glad I’m not in that practice anymore.

***You will receive my best recommendation and I will recommend what I think you need. Nothing more, nothing less***

Reason # 3 We provide “Short-Term” Chiropractic Care

So, what exactly is “Short-Term” Chiropractic care? Exactly that, it is short-term pain relief care. I have been in this profession for over 15 years. You wouldn’t believe what some of the Practice consultants out there are teaching. There was one group, which is no longer a group as far as I know, who developed a training program where the Chiropractors who were hired had to go away for a “Sales and development” training program. During this program, they worked on high pressure pre-pay “Long-Term” treatment recommendations, and how to sell it to the prospective patient.

Basically, they clobbered patients over the head until they wrote a check for about a years worth of care. I never really understood who they thought they were and why they thought that this was a good idea.

Look, after 15 years, I know that most patients are going to receive treatment right to the point until they are out of pain, and then come back when they need me again. There are a few patients who want more and and will come and get more whether I recommend it or not.

I won’t go too far into it right now, but Chiropractic is a wonderful thing which often times, can help people regain and maintain health when delivered properly over a longer period of time. I LIVE IT. I WALK THE WALK… However, my job is to get you out of pain which you came to me for, and that is it. You will let me know if you want more, and then I will give it to you.

Reason # 4 No Appointment Necessary

When is the last time you could just walk into a busy doctor and be seen on site. It is tough to find a doctor out there these days. I recently tried to find my Mother a MD and it was a challenge to find one who takes new patients, let alone accepts walk-ins.

I believe in having a walk-in style clinic. Yes, I am busy, yes you may have to wait from time to time, but for the most part, it is simple to get in to see me. Often tines you are in and out within 20 minutes or less.

Most people figure out the times to stay away from and due to the convenient location, it is easy to plan your visit to my office. Another thing I have learned with my experience, don’t worry about patients missing appointments, if they want or need to be there, they will be there.

Reason # 5 Member of Chiro-Trust
I have had the pleasure of being part of a group of Chiropractors who are actually working together to build a stronger profession. We are a group of doctors who have taken a “Pledge”

“To the best of my ability, I promise to provide convenient, affordable and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will never use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies”

We provide researched based information and we keep our patients informed with current daily health updates delivered via email, and a newsletter which we mail out each month. We also mail to 20 Medical Doctors in our community, our “Modern Physician Newsletter” further strengthening our relationships with other doctors in other specialties. We are integrating with the medical community which positions us to provide better care to our patients.