Do YOU Want To Avoid Back-Related Disability?

Do YOU Want To Avoid Back-Related Disability?

Hey There, Doctor Jason Lyles here from Georgetown Back Pain Relief Center

I KNOW FACTORY WORKER INJURIES! And, I know how to fix most of them in 6 treatments or less. Now, I know what you are thinking… “That is a BOLD statement!” I totally agree with you, and I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t know it to be true.

I don’t care how long you have had your problem, how may doctors or therapies you have tried, including surgery, we help 98-99/100 patients begin to feel better in 6 treatments or less in our office.

If you are an employer, head of safety, or in HR, you should really consider contacting me about “On-site” care for you workforce. We are able to take an employee right off the line with a fresh injury and get them back to work in record time.

You know, by the time most workers make it to me, they have tried everything under the sun without success and I am the last resort. Just think of how much better it would be financially for a company to cut out the thousands of dollars spent on MRI’s, Doctor Visits, Medication, and Surgeries?

Well, United HealthCare did a study which basically said that if patients were to see a Chiropractor first for general onset Low Back Pain, it would save them in the Millions, yes… Millions!

Here is some information I dug up, I thought you might find interesting….

In 2008, a study published in the journal Spine sought to identify EARLY PREDICTORS in an effort to reduce the number of low back pain (LBP) patients who go on to experience long-term disability. Researchers followed 1,885 low back injury claimants for a year and then later reviewed data collected during the first three weeks following their injury to identify anything that might predict a greater risk of work-related disability one year later.

According to their findings, the factors that increase the risk of work-related disability include: injury severity, the type of healthcare provider from which they initially sought treatment; worker-reported physical disability, the number of pain locations, work-related stress; no available option for job accommodation (such as light duty); and a prior injury involving a month or more off work.

Of note, one VERY important factor mentioned in the study was the type of healthcare practitioner (HCP) the injured worker first consulted with for treatment. Those who sought chiropractic care initially were far less likely to become disabled (only 5%) than those who first visited doctors who specialize in primary care (12%), occupational medicine (26%), or “other” disciplines (23%).

Studies have also noted additional benefits by seeking chiropractic care for work-related musculoskeletal injuries versus other forms of healthcare delivery, as chiropractic care reduces the likelihood for extended time off work, results in less total healthcare costs, higher quality of life, fewer medications, fewer emergency department visits, and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

In addition, LBP Guidelines published in the United States and around the world consistently recommend spinal manipulation as a FIRST form of care for most types of low back pain based on these findings. We all have the option of seeking the type of care that we believe will best solve our problem. But with the findings reported in this and many other studies, evidence STRONGLY supports that seeking chiropractic IS the logical FIRST choice!

Moral of the story, if you haven’t tried Chiropractic, or think what we do is not valid, think again. Get out of the dark ages and get yourself back to work. Living on disability money or 60% wages from work comp time off, is not optimal. I’m sure you already understand this.

If you work in a factory and you have a problem you just can’t seem to get an answer for, we invite you to come and see what we can do. First step is a consultation. If I am confident you are going to do well, I will examine you and start treatment that day. You will then be days away from relief if it doesn’t begin immediately.

We can merge with your Work Comp case and will contact your doctor to request he or she include our therapy in the treatment plan, or if you haven’t even made a claim, we likely accept your general health insurance and can bypass the whole work comp thing.

Read our reviews on Facebook and Google, you will find others with stories just like yours who have found help in our office. Watch the video of Jessica from the “Courtesy on Wheels Show and see how we are different in our approach, which is why you may consider giving Chiropractic another try if it has failed you at another office.

We’ll be here for you, if you have questions, hit me up on Facebook or the Contact section on this site, I will answer your question quickly!

Be Well, Be Healthy and be Happy!

Doc Lyles

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