Do Your Kids Have Headaches?


I believe, that the day we decided to bring children into this world, we made a choice to be selfless, mostly… I mean really, if you didn’t, you probably didn’t think things through right?

Your kids come first, you would do anything for them right? You know what I’m talking about, the first time your kid ran a fever and you laid just next to him and listened to him breathe all night, just to make sure he did. Been there.. Done That.

I must profess, my oldest kid has been all natural. He is so natural that he loves a good chili dog and potato chips and dip. He loves candy just like the next and can suck down a soda quicker than any child I know. That just is the way it is. He’s a kid.

He plays video games and will spend his share of minutes on you tube watching others play video games. It is a trend you know… He rides a Honda CRF50 in the dirt and wrecks often. I enjoy all of it, it’s what I signed  up for. It is also my responsibility to make sure that he has balance.

Here’s the good news, he usually would choose a salad over a hot dog. He would choose a fruit juice over pop, he would also pass on candy for fresh fruit and yogurt. He rarely even wants to play his Xbox One for more than 30 minutes..  Balance right?   Call it what you want, but you must at least try.

Here is the good news. Our oldest boy has literally had 1-2 fevers and never had to visit a medical doctor for illness. WHAT??  6 years and strong as an Oak!  I can’t remember a time in which he complained of having a headache, and if he has something hurting he asks me ti fix him, which I do with one of three things my hands, natural supplements, or just a good ole dose of LOVE! 

Now, our newest kid is only 7 weeks. Yes, he is a baby, a sweet little baby boy 🙂

Hey do you know many people who have a baby that got right onto the family sleep schedule and remained that way throughout? Yeah me either, but we have one. YES! Now babies require more attention of course, but he eats well, sleeps well, goes to the bathroom well, and just pretty much relaxes all day!

You are probably thinking, “why are you going on about this stuff?” This is supposed to be a Headaches blog post. Yes it is and the previous link will take you to my other blog page where I have several articles well written with references about headaches and what a Chiropractor can do for headaches.

If you live in Georgetown KY and you have a kid with headaches, you must consider bringing him or her to our office Georgetown Back Pain Relief Center and let me care for your child, just like I care for mine. I have the experience you and your child need to get back on track and live pain free.

My boys don’t have headaches, my boys don’t have leg pain, and my boys sleep through the night each and every night. Wouldn’t that be great?  Of course it would!

If you have been praying for your little boy or your little girl, because they have had headaches or some other crazy problem and the traditional things are failing, bring your child to our office.

Reason I chose to write this post tonight, is because a new 8 year old patient came to me last week. He has had a slew of issues including ADHD, sleep issues and Headaches. I only treated him 2 times last week and yesterday his mother went on for a good 15 minutes about how her little boy is coming back to her. First time he didn’t call from the nurse at school begging to come home because his head hurt.

 Special moment at Georgetown Back Pain Relief Center yesterday. Her boy is already beginning to #THRIVE.  Keep an eye out, we are going to do a story on this young man and his journey back to health and off dangerous adult medication.

We want to help your kids thrive and help them eliminate their headaches. Kids should not have headaches! Don’t let it go, it is your responsibility!

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Easy way to find out if we can help, go to contact and fill out a form, let’s connect, ask questions and let’s consult about your child’s case.


Until next time, Be Well Be Healthy & Be Happy!

Doc Lyles



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