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We thought you would enjoy this article we found on YouTube about the Gastron technique  used on Achilles tendon.

we’re talking about the graston technique and we’ve done a few videos on the graston technique. We’re, going to continue that series today.

We’re working with Mackenzie burns here and we’re, going to be talking about graston technique for the calf and specifically for the Achilles tendon. So what we would call Achilles tendinitis, so we always start with a little bit of amoliant to reduce the friction.

On the skin surface. You’re. Going to put this on now. Graston technique has its own amoliant that you can buy from them. You can also use other things as well. I found that the Moyet they have works pretty good, and so I like to use that it doesn’t absorb into the skin quite so easily a couple different graston instruments that I would use for achilles tendinitis.

Okay, this we call the gt5 and you’ll, see head as a a concave surface, and the treatment edge is not too aggressive. So as we apply the grasped and treatment, what I feel is areas that feel smooth and also areas that feel gritty and restricted.

Now you’ll, feel a gritty, gravel road, restricted feeling in an area that has had a lot of repetitive stress. Maybe an area that’s been injured before, where the superficial layer of the fascia has remodeled in response to that injury, and so at first I like to scan through the entire area and identify these areas.

Now you’ll notice that almost right away, we get some red blocking that’s, where the blood flow is being increased. This is tremendous for increasing circulation and promoting healing. Now in McKenzie in particular.

Here I can feel the most gritty area right down where the Achilles tendon starts to to insert into her heel bone her calcaneus here and so that area. I would focus on more than the rest as it is the grittiest now.

If I wanted to get more focused with this treatment, I would switch instruments and I would use a convex surface. So what you’re going to notice is that this one? I’m, going to get a more focused surface area and this one has a more broad surface area, and so, with this she’s, going to feel it a little bit more intense.

And how important to remember is that, as we’re remodeling, these soft tissues, they can be tender. The first visit or two of graston technique is always the toughest and the most uncomfortable, but then you notice the benefits and it’s.

Definitely well worth it, so we would frame down and work right around the Achilles tendon as it inserts here and McKenzie. Oh, it was a a high level skier back in Oregon, and so she ‘ S definitely got some things going on from wearing those ski boots and competing at a high level, but you’ll notice, right away, just the firestick red appearance of the Achilles tendon there as we promote the healing right in there.

So the graston technique, a couple things that I focus on as a practitioner is scanning. The whole area identifying which area has the most adhesions, making sure that we’re, going both directions all through the fashio, because it does feel different and you will catch different areas that are restricted in there.

A common graston treatment is going to last anywhere from about three to seven minutes, sometimes longer than that, depending on how big of an area that we’re, treating and typically, I would work an area about this big in one day now she had Achilles tendonitis or calcaneal apophysitis, or a strained calf.

I would also want to work into the bottom of the foot as well. We’ll, save that for another video, but this is what graston technique looks like okay and what it the procedure behind it. So dr. John Wilhelm, at pro chiropractic, demonstrating graston technique.

If you want to see more videos, click the links right below, we have a lot of videos that demonstrate the different, unique treatments we provide, including the graston technique. And if you’d, like a special report on rest and technique, be sure to click the link on our website below or go to ProCare oh em T com.

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