Shoveling Snow DESTROYED my back!

It is now Tuesday January 26th 2016 and exactly 4 days after the big snow. If you are still hurting from shoveling snow, you may need some help.

If you will go back to my pre-emptive post regarding shoveling snow, I posted on Friday morning when the snow began to fall, I listed 5 things you can do to help yourself. Go back and read that post. You may have already done everything I recommended and if you are still hurting, it may be time to get in to see your doctor or Chiropractor.

I had 3 patients come in yesterday with a flare up due to shoveling the snow. Fortunately, this snow was pretty easy to move around, as it was light and not wet and heavy. However, it is tough to shovel anything without getting some soreness in your back.

If you shovel often, you know that your back and body adjusted to what you do, but most of us do not use a shovel often and that is a recipe for a flare up. I seem to get this in the spring as well, when my members begin to turn the dirt over in the garden and get ready to plant.

Bottom line, your body should compensate and you should be on your way to feeling better by now if your body is going to be able to handle this one for you. I recommend strongly that you seek help if you are not yet beginning to feel better form the pain induced by shoveling snow this weekend.

We accept walk-ins, which means that anytime between 12-2 and 4-7 Monday thru Thursday you can simply walk-in and you will be seen.

We also likely accept your insurance, so your visit will be affordable.

Lastly, we have progressed with the times and our Mainstream care will likely have you feeling better by this weekend if you start today!

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