Tips on Shoveling Snow

Big Snow Storm Big Back Problems

So, today’s big snow storm is dumping over 12 inches of wet snow. Many will have to shovel themselves out, and how they do it may be the deciding factor if they can walk tomorrow or not.

This is an image is of a woman doing it all wrong.

(Head in front of pelvis major stress on low back)

The worst thing you can do is bend forward at the waist and then twist as you throw the snow. Our bodies cannot pull a bone back into position when it gets stuck forward as would happen in this case. If you repetitively bend forward and put a load on the lower part of your back, you are asking for it!

Here is the good news… Check out this picture

(Head back over pelvis, she has leverage)

This gal is doing a much better job. She is keeping her arms and hands as close to the body as she can and using her hips and legs to push. She has leverage, and that is the key. Key point here is to keep your (HEAD) back up over your (HIPS). This can make all the difference and help get you through the task unhurt and without a set back.

I once was hired by the Fairmont Olympic 5 star hotel to help the housekeeping staff with work injuries. The thing that made all the difference was getting them to vacuum and sweep with their arms attached to their sides, forcing them to bend their knees and keep the head over the pelvis giving them “leverage”

Also when you are unloading/throwing the snow, “Pivot” your feet and avoid twisting at the low back. Inevitably, each time we get a big snow, a patient will say “when I twisted to throw the snow, my back locked up” if you do this you are asking for it! You may get lucky, but if you will just pivot your feet, you will have a better chance of getting through your work without injury.

Here are a few things to try if you are sore or hurting after you have shovels that foot of snow out there…

Ice, pack some snow in a zip-lock and place a thin towel between in and your skin and place it where it hurts for 15-20 min. Not longer than 20 min and then let the skin warm back up for 45 min. Repeat every hour for 3-4 hours and see how it feels.

Use a “Tens Unit” if you have one. Often times can really help you feel better until your body compensates for the injury.

Go online and find some stretches for the area of the spine that is bothering you.

Biofreeze, or other analgesics may be able to get your comfortable until your body takes over.

Rest for a day and if you are still hurting after 24-48 hours, don’t wait any longer. Get to see your doctor or your Chiropractor if you have one. The quicker you get there, the quicker your pain will go away.

If you do not have a Chiropractor, we would love to welcome you as a member of our practice.

We provide Convenient, Affordable, and Mainstream Chiropractic care and we never recommend unnecessary long-term treatment plans and or therapies.

Best of luck out there!! If you have any questions, I can always be reached by email. ~ 502.383.3331 ~ 128 Edwards Dr Ste D Georgetown KY 40324

Be Well Be Healthy & Be Happy!

Doc Lyles

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